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Moira Oliver - Early Years specialist. BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. Certificate in Reality Therapy and a Patron of the Institute for Reality Therapy.Moira has worked in a range of Early Years settings for Social Services, the Education Department as well as in the private and voluntary sector. She has also worked as an adviser and parent tutor. CRB checked.
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Sarah Lindley Parker - Certificate in Reality Therapy and a member of the Institute for Reality Therapy. Counsellor specialising in teenager and family support either as a group or individual sessions. Youth worker 20 years’ experience including community work/ police liaising and fund raising events. Victim Support volunteer with 6 years’ experience including supporting victims of domestic violence and child abuse. CRB checked.
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"Since 1967, more than 75,000 people have completed the Basic Intensive Training. Reality Therapy and Choice Theory is taught in over 28 countries, many of which have their own Institute or Association.

Reality Therapy is principally a method of counselling, based on Choice Theory, that is highly focused, interactive and applicable to almost every area where counselling or psychotherapy is practiced. Additionally, the practical skills, ideas and approaches of Reality Therapy have also been successfully applied to many other areas, including teaching, coaching, mentoring, managing, supervising, relationships and self development."
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