Out of Control – Early Years

The Out of Control method is a portable, interactive training module for both adults and children. It provides a process whereby people learn to evaluate their own control system, their wants, behaviours and perceptions. This brings about a wider understanding of their own behaviour which leads to positive change.

We promote emotional health which is essential to enable the children to learn and fulfil their potential.

They can help with:

  • Physical, social and emotional development
  • Relationship building
  • Self-evaluation
  • Taking responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Giving feelings words
  • Circle time / group discussions
  • To realise goals and aspirations
  • A method to enable children to talk through problems

Early Years at the board

Out of Control provides a variety of options to meet the individual needs of your group. It is tailor made for any situation that you are experiencing.

The interactive training pack:

The ideas link very closely to the new 2012 Early Years Foundation Stage, especially with regard to the principles ‘A Unique Child’ and ‘Positive Relationships’. We teach techniques to the staff and children and provide follow up support sessions.

We offer additional training for parents and anyone else involved with your group.

The approach we use is Reality Therapy and originates from the works of William Glasser MD who qualified as a psychiatrist and later applied his philosophies to areas such as education and management. Reality Therapy is a simple, yet extremely effective method of teaching people how to gain effective control of their behaviours and to take responsibility for their actions. We do not dwell on past situations that we cannot change; instead we look to resolve a present problem and plan for alternative, more effective solutions for the future.

Reality Therapy is being used successfully in many areas of work including counselling, psychotherapy, management, parenting and education.

The theory is supported by documented research carried out by a wide variety of professionals over the years. We at Out of Control can provide you with our own research study document which was carried out in a Day Care provision and fully supported by colleagues in the Education Department of the Suffolk County Council. Many of the Early Years Consultants and Outreach Officers have attended Reality Therapy / Choice Theory training themselves.

We are both fully qualified to practice in Reality Therapy and have a wide range of experience working with pre-school children, school aged children, teenagers and adults. We use these skills in our work counselling, mentoring and tutoring.