Out of Control – Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the session, it was lots of fun but really valuable learning at the same time.”

“I’d recommend it to anyone who works with or cares about children and young people.”
John Brickell, Director of Training for the Institute for Reality Therapy, and Director of The Centre For Reality Therapy (UK).

“As a practitioner and teacher of this approach for over 40 years, I highly recommend Sarah’s and Moira’s work.”
Bill Mallion, Tutor, Supervisor and Trainer in Counselling & Groupwork.

“We’re all working together, it really has calmed the room down; it’s unbelievable that something so simple can really make the difference. It’s been brilliant!

“Children are coming up with strategies to give them the outcome they want.”

“I’m calmer when challenging behaviour is presented; I’m therefore able to support the children to explore what they want and to evaluate the situation.”

“It helped me to look at the bigger picture and not to jump in with my own assumptions and conclusions.”

“It empowers children, giving them more freedom of how they choose to manage themselves.”